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He Bought A What?!?

Posted in General on April 2nd, 2007

Hard to believe, in the midst of trying to downsize our collection of stuff, but Van has purchased a bread machine!  Okay, at least he bought it at the local thrift shop for $15 instead of paying full price for it, but still.  It’s huge.  And yes, I enjoy fresh bread as well as anyone.  I used to bake a lot of bread the old fashioned way.  The problem with fresh bread is that a warm loaf of bread and a cube of butter are quickly gone!  Oh well.  He’s the cook, and if it makes him happy . . .

In other news, the Bernina Fashion Show ensemble is going more slowly than anticipated, which means another rush to the finish line. Whoever thought that working with acres of taffeta was a good idea, gets thirty lashes with knotted rattail!  Meanwhile I am also trying to get ready to go to Oakland to teach for the Bead Expo next week.  I am always delighted to get to the bay area, and I haven’t been to the expo for over 10 years, when it was in Santa Fe.  And I’ve been working on additional pieces for my new class “Vessels, Shrines, and Reliquaries”, which debuts in late June at the Grunewald Guild.  And, and, and . . .

I always seem to have more on my list than a sane person would take on. Sometimes I dream about having a month or six weeks when my only responsibility was to make the work.  No paperwork to worry about, no errands to run, no meetings to go to.  Just me and my art.  Unfortunately, I did not just win the lottery, so life goes on!  At least spring has arrived.  Today the sky is blue (for now) and the wind is light (at the moment), and the temptation is to chuck everything and take a drive!  But this is the Pacific Northwest, where if you don’t like the weather, just wait 20 minutes!

Happy Spring, everyone!