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The Moving Man Cometh

Posted in General on July 22nd, 2007

Okay, I know I’ve been away from my blog for awhile.  I went off to Milwaukee, WI for the Bead and Button Show in June, and when I came home, found out that we have to move.  Van and I are vagabond artist renters, so we are always at the whim of our landlords, but we had moved in here thinking we would be able to stay for 2-3 years.  Well, it’s been 15 months, and off we go again.  (Details:  our landlord is supporting his mother in an Alzheimer facility, the house is her last remaining asset, and he has run out of money.  So, he has to sell the house.)

The reality is that it takes me 5-6 months to settle into a new space and make it completely workable.  And with my travel schedule this fall, it will be after Thanksgiving before I can even begin to unpack the boxes that contain my studio.  So, I’ve been sorting as I pack – hauling stuff to the thrift shop, filling up the garbage cans, taking fabric to the quilting ladies at church – and also putting the stuff I need to be able to get to in a designated corner so it doesn’t end up packed out of reach.  This would be things like class samples and kits, projects in the works for a specific exhibit with a looming deadline, etc.

Meanwhile, I have also spent a couple of weeks at the Grunewald Guild ( in the mountains of northwest Washington state.  The first week, I was teaching and had a room in the Homestead building, which was very nice.  The second week, they were full to the brim, so I agreed to take a tent near the Wenatchee River.  It’s a huge, two room tent, with a bed, chest of drawers, electricity from a nearby building, and I have stayed in this tent several summers, so I knew I would be quite comfortable there.  (The only drawback is the long treck to the bathroom in the middle of the night!) What I wasn’t prepared for was the 3 a.m. thunder and lightning that seemed to be right over my head.  The sound of the thunder was enormous, and seemed to echo through the valley and off the mountains forever.  And then came the rain.  Now rain in this area is a good thing.  Their major summer worry is forest fires.  But it did mean that I had to haul myself out of bed and check to make sure there was nothing touching the sides of the tent.  I know enough about rain wicking in through the walls from past experience (don’t ask me about the Oregon coast camping trip in the snow!) that I couldn’t just lie there and enjoy the sound of the rain.

Also while listening to the rain, I realized that all the paintstick rubbings I had done the day before were hanging out on the laundry line getting soaked. Lucky for me I hadn’t been working with watercolors!  Once the storm had passed, I did get some more fabric painting done.  I had cut out some tops from hand dyed linen and stencilled them with a wide variety of motifs.  And I did get some fish printing done.  I think I finally have a handle on how much paint to use, but by then it was time to pack it up and come on home to continue packing for the move.

Speaking of which, I’d better get back to it.