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My Favorite Quilt Show

Posted in General on April 27th, 2008

There is a twice a year quilt show in my town. It lasts only a weekend, and is on the smallish side, as quilt shows go. This morning there were 71 quilts to be seen. Out in the competitive quilt show world, these quilts will never get a ribbon, never cause anyone to gasp over their astonishing technical prowess, never make anyone decide to take a class to learn how to do it. But they are the most beautiful quilts I see all year.

Every Thursday, a group of women, mostly aged 60+, meet at Trinity Lutheran Church in Freeland, WA to make these marvelous quilts. They are double bed size, made of 12″ squares of an amazing variety of fabrics, all of which are donated. Anyone who walks in the room is given a task. If they don’t know how to run a sewing machine, they can measure and cut squares. If they are limber enough, they can work on tieing the quilts with colorful yarns.

When the quilts are finished, they are hung over the pews in the church sanctuary for one weekend so everyone can see them, lean back on them during the services, and enjoy their bright colors. Next week, they will be shipped to Lutheran World Relief to be distributed anywhere in the world where people need a little comfort and cheer. They will end up on the ground, hanging from trees, wrapped around several shivering children and maybe a pet or two. They will be used up until they are nothing but tatters. But the love will remain.

Quilt Sunday at Trinity Lutheran Church

If quilt shows gave out ribbons for quilts with heart, every one of these quilts would have big fancy rosettes on them.

Now the quilters are out of fabric. And they want to get back to sewing on Thursday. I’m going through my stash tomorrow afternoon and will take some over for them. If you are doing some studio cleaning this spring, and would like to consider supporting these women in their work, please contact me and I will give you the shipping information. Quilters are the most generous people in the world, and so I thank you in advance for doing what you can.

Hugs, my little chickadees!

Down, But Not Out

Posted in General on April 7th, 2008

After a couple of weeks on the road, I have landed home again, and am comfortably ensconced in my recliner, waiting for the chicken soup to warm up.  Yup.  I’ve got a bug.  I must have picked it up in Portland where I was teaching at the Bead Expo, and it bloomed in Texas where I was visiting my friend, Linda Minton.  When I’m in charge of things, everyone who comes to take a class when they are sick will be required to wear a mask!  Dang it!  It’s just not fair to the rest of us!  Okay, end of rant.  I’ll put the soapbox away and be right back.

I had a great time at the Bead Expo, spent far too much money, met some really wonderful people, and brought home some treasures.   It seems I have as much fun chatting with my favorite vendors as I do in the classroom.  Hmmmm.  Wonder why that is?

Then it was a quick drive home, dump the suitcase, do some laundry, re-pack and off to the airport.  (I really do need to have a word with my scheduling secretary about these fast turn-arounds! LOL)  It’s a long flight to Houston, but worth it to be able to spend time with Linda.  She had coaxed me into coming down for the big antiques festival in Round Top.  So off we went to the hill country for a few days.  Well, holy smokes!  I have never seen so many antiques (and faux antiques) in my entire life!  Linda is becoming the Queen of Rusty Things for her assemblage art,  so we were keeping an eye out for interesting shapes.  I was looking for old postcards and portraits to print on fabric for collage purposes.  (I figured I’d better not get anything I couldn’t fit into my suitcase.)  We also found some stone cabochons to use in our beading projects, and a few just-for-fun treasures.  I came home with a porcelain badger made in the USSR, that was just too adorable to leave there.  A badger!  Who knew!

After a couple of days scouring for antiques, my cough was getting worse, and we decided to go home to Houston a day early.  Good thing, since a storm moved in and we would have been cruising in the rain.  So, back to town and, after a stop at the video store for a stack of movies, we settled in for some beading and quiet conversation.  We went to lunch with Sharon Dixon on Saturday, which was lovely, and a little shopping at a quilt shop and Hobby Lobby, but mostly low-keyed it until it was time for me to fly home Sunday morning.  It would have been great to do some more running around and maybe pursue a more active artistic adventure, but Linda was the perfect hostess and tailored the visit to my waning energy level.

So, now I’m home and trying to catch up on email, snail mail, and all such things.  But at the moment, I think chicken soup and a nap sounds pretty appealing.

Cheers, my little chickadees!