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New Gallery Opening

Posted in General on October 18th, 2008

Oh, my poor neglected blog.  I feel just awful about leaving you alone for so long.  Well, okay, not THAT awful.  And I have been busy.  And I have been on the road teaching.  Okay, that’s enough excuses.  I’m back, however sporadically it might turn out to be!

The biggest news is the opening of a new art gallery here on beautiful Whidbey Island at the Greenbank Farm.  My friends Windwalker and Mary Jo have moved their gallery from downtown Langley (where the rents are astronomical) to the farm (where things are a bit more reasonable) into a lovely space that was once an antique store.  Their place is the most recent of three galleries now in place at the farm, along with Rob Shouton and the Artist Coop Gallery.  Also in the building is a great cheese shop, a purveyor of fine wines, and the Greenbank pie shop.  Mmmmmmm.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  The Raven Rocks Gallery has their grand opening November 7 from 5 to 8 p.m.  For more information about the gallery and the artists who will be showing there (including me), please visit their website.  And if you live in the area and need more enticement to show up, that’s the same weekend as the Whidbey Weaver’s Guild annual sale, also at the Greenbank Farm.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the crisp night air that comes with Fall in the Pacific Northwest.  The wool coats, hats and gloves have come out of storage, and the summer clothes have moved into the back corners of the closet.  We know the rainy season is upon us, but those clear cold days that come around from time to time are a real pleasure.

Be well!