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Deep Spaces opens at Edmonds

Posted in General on November 3rd, 2011

I am on my way to Tillamook, Oregon to take down the first part of the Deep Spaces exhibit.  Part Two is currently hanging at the Edmonds (Washington) Conference Center, where it is getting a lot of traffic as various groups hold meetings in the building.  The artworks are hung in the hallways, up the stairways, and all around the entry.  I had to miss the first opening (there are two) as I was in Fort Worth to teach.  But Van was able to attend with his camera, and I wanted to get these pictures up before I left town again.  The first one is the view up the stairway.

Three Deep Spaces pieces at Edmonds Conference Center

This next one is Sherri Spangler standing in front of her quilt “Other Worlds”, with David Jones, the local poet who wrote about her quilt.  More on the poets in a moment.

Artist and Poet in front of "their" quilt

This is as good a picture as Van could get from his vantage point at the poetry reading at the opening.  The poets were in a conference room and a photo of the quilt they were reading about was projected during the reading.  The poet is Terry Johnson, and the quilt is “Eighteen Moons” by Linda McLaughlin.

Poet reading while one of the quilts is on screen

About six weeks before the opening, I sent a disk with photos of the 22 quilts that were to be hung at the Edmonds location to the poets, so they had plenty of time to write.  With any luck at all, we will be able to entice them back for a repeat performance at the second opening reception for the November 17th art walk in downtown Edmonds.

Be well, and stay warm, my little chickadees!