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Rituals Abound

Posted in General on April 26th, 2012

Today I have the pleasure to unveil an artwork that I created for an exhibit called “Rituals”, which is curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison, both very talented ladies, which will open at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, California this summer, and then travel to the International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, Texas in the fall.  As part of the production, they are featuring short profiles of participating artists at their blog,  Let me just say that I am honored to be in such august company, and I urge you to wander on over to read about the other artists in this exhibit.

When I received the invitation to create something to submit for jurying into the show, I had some immediate ideas about various rituals to work with.  A close reading of the rules, however, eliminated most of them from consideration, as religious themes were not permitted.  I can understand that, from a curator’s perspective.  What remained was a theme I had long thought about pursuing, so I set about assembling materials.

Solvitur Ambulando

The title of this piece is “Solvitur Ambulando”, which is a Latin phrase that translates to “It is solved by walking.” which is cited as a quote from St. Augustine.  And I have found the truth of this sentiment in my own life.  When there is a question to be answered, a problem to be solved, some serious thinking to do, or just some stress to be worked out, I head down to the beach for a walk in the sand.  There is something very meditative about wandering down the beach – the soft crunch underfoot, the sound of the waves, the breeze in my face – that makes it easy to get lost in thought and turn over in my mind whatever it is that is needing my attention.

Though I do not walk a prescribed labyrinth as such, I chose that as the symbol for my walking meditation.  Labyrinths have been used by many cultures in many different formats, for millennia.  While a maze is designed to confuse and trick the walker, in a labyrinth, you will always be led in and out without confusion.  Knowing that, it is easy to forget the actual path, and just keep moving while you think, much like my walks on the beach.  When my feet get wet, it’s time to pay attention to the path again!

As curators, Jamie and Leslie have put a lot of work into this exhibit, and it will continue to be a lot of work as it travels.  They have been fortunate in finding sponsors to help with the financial aspects of getting the show up, and I am happy to give them a thank you shout-out:  in Long Beach – Moore’s Sewing Centers, and in Houston – Havel’s Sewing.  Having seen the list of participants, I know it will be well worth it to go see the exhibit, and I encourage you all to do so.

Be well, my little chickadees!