Explosion In A Dairy

Okay, maybe not.  But there’s an awful lot of white around here lately.  And I’m not talking about snow.  I’m talking about my latest work avoidance technique (I think this is number 1046).  Allow me to explain.

For several years now, I have been buying small boxes and trays and frames from the “stuff made out of wood” department of places like Michael’s.  I had no idea why I was doing this.  But I now have a goodly collection of the stuff.  Anyway, it occured to me that I was never going to do anything with these bits and pieces in their current condition, because having to wait through all the prep and dry time would put an end to my creative burst of energy.  So, I decided to prep it all, and then it would just be on the shelf waiting for the right moment and I could dive right in.

This brilliant idea coincided with the realization that I really needed a new ironing board cover, so making a mess of the old one was no big deal.  So I’ve been working on my ironing board, which is just the right height.  First, a little sanding, then a coat of wood sealer.  This takes a couple of days because I can’t do all sides of the boxes at the same time, and the stuff takes time to dry.  Then repeat the process with gesso, and that’s where the “explosion in a dairy” look comes in.  All these pieces are now white, and just begging for some color!  (Yes, I considered leaving some of them as plain wood, but the wood, frankly, was not that good quality, so I covered it all up.)

In the midst of all this wood sealing and gesso flinging, I remembered something from my childhood.  I used to have a collection of glass figurines that my grandmother started for me, and I would build environments for them out of cigar boxes, complete with rooms and furniture.  And now, I have begun to make shrines and reliquaries out of fabric and various other things.  Perhaps all these wooden pieces will become part of the shrine/reliquary phase of my work.  Hmmmmmm.  Now there’s an interesting idea.

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