Good News to Report

After kind of a tough winter, I have a few pieces of good news.  One of my small quilts is under consideration for a book about embellished quilts, and my four piece (quadtich?) piece was accepted into the Sacred Threads exhibit.  Especially rewarding is having a piece accepted for the She Made Her Mark exhibit at the Quilter’s Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana.

On the QuiltArt list recently there was a bit of uproar about whether we should post our good news.  There was even some comment about the people who do so being amateurish hobbyists, and needy beginners.  I stayed out of the argument, but couldn’t help thinking that there are lots of folks out there with not enough to do.  Then I went back to work.
Personally, I have more than enough to do.  I am working like mad on the Bernina Fashion show ensemble, and hoping to beat the deadline by at least a month so I can get to work on my two upcoming solo shows.  I need to get some new work out for them, as well, and am rapidly running out of time.

In other news, Van is going to build me a design wall.  Most of my studio space is windows and bookshelves, so he is constructing a PVC pipe frame that I can mount foamcore on.  I’ll cover the foamcore with felt, so fabric will stick to it, and the whole thing can be broken down to move.  I’ve been without a design wall for almost five years, and it will be nice to have one again.

Back to the beading table!

2 Responses to “Good News to Report”

  1. julaine Says:

    Was the submission of your quilt for Lark Books? I just sent one in to them.

    Comin’ to Chicago this year?

  2. larkin Says:

    I did send one in to Lark books, but the one I mentioned was for another project with a different publisher. Not going to Chicago this year – I have way too many other things on my plate at the moment.
    Cheers! Larkin

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