I’ve Been Tagged

Being fairly new to this world of blogging, I’ve heard about this “tagging” business, but have thus far escaped untagged. That is, until now. Linda Minton tagged me to post seven random facts about myself and then tag seven other people. This sounds suspiciously like a chain letter to me (see fact number one), but I like Linda, so I’ll play along. And may the folks I tag forgive me.
1. I don’t DO chain letters.

2. I don’t have pets, but have a huge variety of birds, bunnies, deer, raccoons, etc in the yard to provide entertainment.

3. I am a movie-holic, and listen to movies while I bead.

4. My blood pressure drops when I get near the ocean.

5. I go through fits of tidiness, but am generally a messy sort of person.

6. I love to travel, and I love to be alone in my studio – a contradiction if ever I heard one.

7. I like clothing, and have the bursting closet to prove it!

Now, as I understand it, I’m supposed to list the folks that I intend to tag, then go to their blogs and let them know that they are “It”. So, here they are:

Kathy Lichtendahl

Pam RuBert

Jamie Fingal
Rayna Gilman

Peg Keeney

Laura Cater-Woods
Sarah-Ann Smith

Don’t throw rocks – it’s all Linda’s fault!

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  1. lauracw Says:

    challenge accepted, off to my blog to post.

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