An old school gal writes for a new fangled magazine

The request came out of the blue.  Would I be willing to write an article for an online magazine?  Now, I’ve written articles for magazines in the past, and have written a book and published patterns.  But this was a new one.  I would submit text and pictures, and it would be organized and arranged by other hands with no input from me.  No galley pages to review, no proofing – just write the thing and send it.  Okay, I admit, readily, that I am not the most techno-savvy gal on the block.  That’s why I have my most dearly beloved down the hall to handle all these digital matters for me.  I work with needles and threads and fabrics and beads – old fashioned materials, to say the least.

So, I dutifully did my writing and arranged for the photos and sent them off to the capable hands of Jane Davila.  When I got my advance copy of the online magazine a few days ago, my reaction to what had been done with my words and pictures could be summed up in one word:  WOW!  The colors are vibrant, the text is easy to read.  There’s even a really swoopy pop-up sidebar!  It’s almost enough to make me want to spend more time at my computer instead of in the studio.  And where is all this gorgeousness?  In the newest issue of Quilting Arts “In Stitches”.  You can get your own copy at the Interweave Press online store at or from iTunes on your iPad.  (Look for In Stitches, Volume 5.)

And what, you are no doubt wondering, did I write about?  Well, for some time now I’ve been playing around with ways to use fabric and embellishments and beads in 3-D – vases, boxes, shrines, etc.  The article I wrote describes my processes for making cube shaped boxes, which are not only beautiful storage for personal treasures, but also make wonderful gifts (or gift boxes).

Treasure Box IV

Jane has arranged a blog tour with the artists who contributed to this issue of the magazine.  I am honored to be in such company, and know that you will enjoy reading both the magazine and the blog posts from these very talented ladies!

Tour Schedule:
Monday 10/10 Lindsey Murray
Tuesday 10/11 Larkin Van Horn
Wednesday 10/12 Cheryl Sleboda
Thursday 10/13 Alma Stoller
Friday 10/14  Therese May
Monday 10/17  Barb Forrister
Tuesday 10/18  Carol Ann Waugh
Wednesday 10/19  Jane Davila

Be well, my little chickadees!


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  1. vickimiller Says:

    I’m glad I came and had a look! your site is great and full of lots of eye candy, looking forward to the next hop!

  2. linnerlu Says:

    Larkin, I ordered a copy of this issue of In Stitches as soon as I saw that you were a contributor. I will watch it tonight. And by the way, the CD of the images for the Deep Spaces exhibit is fabulous! Congratulations on a great exhibit, and to Van for a beautiful CD.

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