Huntsville, Finally!

Back in January, I was scheduled to travel to Huntsville, Texas for the opening reception for the Deep Spaces exhibit at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, and to teach a beading class for a lovely group of ladies in Conroe.  Well, Mother Nature had other plans, and sent a short blizzard our way, closing the airport and clogging the roads, and generally creating the type of chaos that only she can inflict.  After much fussing and fuming, it was finally arranged for me to travel to Huntsville to see the exhibit on its last day in mid-March.  The class was rescheduled, and everything was timed so that it was part of a longer trip that included teaching for the Glendale Quilt Show in Beautiful Downtown Burbank.  (More on that later.)

I was very impressed with the museum in Huntsville, and even more so when I walked into the gallery space where the exhibit was hung.  They have a large, spacious room, and it felt like the exhibit was hung “in the round”, making it easy to get both a view from some distance and some up-close-and-personal inspection of the work.

My hostess for this portion of the trip was Bobbe Nolan, one of the artists with work in the exhibit, and the woman who first suggested that this might be a good space to hang the show.  Bobbe and Patrick, her dear late husband, were very involved in getting the show into the museum and providing such a wonderful opportunity for all the artists.

Accompanying us on my viewing of the show was Hope Wilmarth, another artist with work in the show, whom I had met at dinner on a previous evening.  Her studio was so neat and tidy compared to mine, which really ought to have a sign on the door that says:  Hurricane Larkin was here!

Listening to these ladies talk about not only their work, but the rest of the show was fascinating, and an interesting look into their thought processes, likes and dislikes.

I also got to meet Casey Roon and Megan Buro, who were responsible for getting the show up and looking beautiful, and with whom I had been working out all the details via email over the past several months.  I would love to have been able to bottle some of their enthusiasm for the show to share with you!

Bobbe also took me on a tour of Huntsville (which was having a rain storm while I was there, which was a good thing considering the drought conditions over the past year), and a Bead Orgy in Spring, TX.  Three bead shops in one day – almost too much to take in!

Then it was off to Burbank to teach for some very lovely ladies at the Glendale Quilt Show.  Apart from the airline losing track of my suitcase full of teaching materials for 24 hours, this was a very fun event: quilts, vendors, classes, all in the Marriott convention center.  I had wonderful students, and felt well cared for by Corinne and Rasa and everyone from the organizing committee.  And once again, it was raining and blowing like crazy while I was there.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say the storm was following me!

But Spring has officially arrived, which in this corner of the world means:  if you don’t like the weather, wait 20 minutes!

Be well, my little chickadees, and create with reckless abandon!

3 Responses to “Huntsville, Finally!”

  1. Iapplique Says:

    those of us in Conroe who took your class were so excited to finally have you here! We loved the class and have learned so many neat ways to use beading in our work. Awesome day.
    PS. The rain halped raise the level of Lake Conroe nearly a foot. Thanks for bringing the rain!

  2. bobbenolan Says:

    Larkin, thanks for the kind words, especially about the Sam Houston Memorial Museum and its gallery. We were thrilled to have Deep Spaces here, and to enjoy your visit. The photos are very cool, also.

    I’ve had lots of comments about how wonderful and unusual the various pieces are. Even experienced quilters agree they’ve never seen anything like these. One very knowledgeable local artist told me she’d stopped signing in every time she visited the exhibit because she was a little embarrassed by her fascination with the works. Congratulations on putting together a most intriguing show.

  3. larkin Says:

    Thanks, Ladies! Curating a show is a great big pile of work! But when it turns out as well as Deep Spaces did, it’s worth every minute. I had a great time in Texas. Thank you for your gracious hospitality!

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