New Small Work with a Twist

Okay, I admit it:  I love art supply stores!  Even though I am not a painter or sculptor or even a scrapbooker, there’s something about all those interesting tools and materials that intrigues me.  Also, I think there is something in the air conditioning system that induces me to bring home things I have no idea what I will do with!  Such is the case with some stretched canvases I bought in an unusual size (4″ x 12″), and which have been hanging around for quite some time.

It also happens that I like to write checks at the end of the year to help support a few non-profit organizations that I believe in.  And so, I have designed a dozen very small fabric collages to fit on the 4×12 canvases, and will donate 20% of the price ($100 plus $10 shipping), to Habitat For Humanity, Doctors Without Borders, and The Grunewald Guild.  And I will let the purchaser choose which of these three organizations will get the money from their purchase.  (I am going to assume that most of you have heard of Habitat and Doctors, but may not have heard of the Grunewald Guild.  They are an arts organization that seeks to make the connection between art and faith.  More info at:

So, here’s how it works:  the first six pieces are shown here, and the other six will be in the next post, which will go up shortly.  If you are interested in purchasing one (or six!), drop me a line at .  Payment will be via PayPal, and in the comments section, please tell me which organization should receive your donation.  The $10 shipping fee applies for up to six pieces in one box.


Dream of Me and Winter Wonder I

Dream of Me and Winter Wonder I



Loving Thoughts and O, Holy Night

Loving Thoughts and O, Holy Night (sold)


Winter Wonder II and Inspire Hope

Winter Wonder II and Inspire Hope (sold)

Thanks for looking, my little chickadees! I look forward to sending these lovely little pieces out to new homes and doing a little good in the world.

Be well!




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