Thankful Being

Today is the celebration of Thanksgiving day in the U.S., and there will be an awful lot of turkey and pumpkin pie consumed around countless tables across the country. As families and friends gather from near and far for this ritual, many thoughts will be given over to contemplation of our myriad blessings.  It is good that we do this, and it would be even better to do this as a regular part of our path on this earth.

Apart from the blessings of family and friends, there are many things for which I am grateful today – the chipmunks and little brown birds outside my studio window, scurrying about their business – the ability to walk into my studio in my PJs and work on a piece that will be considered controversial by some – the talents of so many other artists, whose work graces my walls – the generosity of strangers to someone in need.

It has been many weeks since I had the opportunity to spend concentrated time in my studio.  I am grateful for the next four days when I can immerse myself in the art making that I love.  So many projects have been waiting for me to get back to them.  The gift of time is precious.  And so, I am also grateful to the one who makes it possible for me to hide out in my studio this long weekend.  Van will cook the meals and clean the kitchen, and generally protect me from the outside world for a few days.  This is a gift of great value, and I will endeavor to be appropriately grateful.

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