Words For Wednesday: Birthday Candles

I love Dave Barry. Okay, I’ve never met him, but I can always count on his writing to cheer me up on a grey day. Not only can his writing bring a smile to my face, he is a master of the run-on metaphor (also sometimes known as “running a metaphor into the ground”). Today’s example is from his book ‘Dave Barry Turns 40’. Enjoy! Larkin

I believe it was Shakespeare, or possibly Howard Cosell, who first observed that marriage is very much like a birthday candle, in that “the flames of passion burn brightest when the wick of intimacy is first ignited by the disposable butane lighter of physical attraction, but sooner or later the heat of familiarity causes the wax of boredom to drip all over the vanilla frosting of novelty and the shredded coconut of romance.”

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