Words For Wednesday -More Metaphors

Here’s another wonderful run-on metaphor from Dave Barry’s great book, “Bad Habits”, a 100% fact free book. This time the subject is pornography, which he takes pains to explain that he is opposed to, claiming that it is directly related to increased drug abuse, unemployment, international terrorism, all-polyester clothing, and above all, violence. As I have mentioned before, Dave’s run-on metaphors are so bad, they’re wonderful. Enjoy!

Pornography is like tooth decay, eating slowly away at the molars of our morals, and if it is not stopped we will wind up as a toothless nation, gumming at the raw meat of international competition while the drool of decadence dribbles down our collective chin and messes up the clean tablecloth of our children’s futures.

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  1. dina osullivan Says:

    Somehow I have just discoverd you incredible website and work. I am completly enamored with you quilts, beadwork and vessels. I am an art quilter but also a wet felter and vessel maker.I also bead on my work. I spent nine months at the Mendocino Art Center just working and I understand when you speak of self motivation and getting up in themorning and starting to work. I am gong back there for a month in March for the quiet, the waves and the whales and to work.

    I bellong to the Textile Center in Minnesota and a fiber arts study group that meets there weekly.We are struggling with our goals and what it is we want as fiber artists, exhibits, competitions, work, whatever.I would certainly like to spend time with you in a class at some time as I related to your work so much. Most of my themes are loss and survival as I experienced Katrina in Mississippi in 2105, mythological creation stories, Judaica, mostly the women and response to things that excite or anger me. I am trying to do more with the felting so that it is not crafty but works as fine art. I will certainly read your blogs now. Very interesting. Dina O’Sullivan, whalenbliss@gmail.com, Minnesota.

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