Heigh Ho!

It’s off to the mainland I go!  Time for a haircut, and I have a quilter friend who has been cutting my hair for about 20+ years.  Beckie is a very talented lady, whose quilts are fresh and colorful and cheerful.  She divides her time between two houses, so I have to catch her when she’s in my corner of the world.

Meanwhile, several folks have posted on QuiltArt about cleaning out their closets and adopting a “uniform” so they don’t have as many clothes.  The whole idea of a uniform does not sit well with me.  I didn’t go to Catholic school, but I had friends who did.  Their “uniform” was universally unappealing. The idea that I should wear nothing but black doesn’t go down well, either.  The goth look is not for me.
So, in the safety of my little blog, that practically nobody reads, let me come out in favor of wretched excess! Yes, I own some black, but I always wear it with something colorful and fun over the top – a coat or vest or shawl or outrageous jewelry.  Life can be blah enough without eliminating color from it!  I admit to being a clothes-horse.  I love clothing, and I own a lot of it.  Most of it I made myself  (just can’t get into making underwear), and I dye my own socks.  Why on earth would I want to restrict myself to a tiny little slice when there is so much wonderous variety out there?!  Reminds me of some of the folks who live here on the island who are SO.O.O.O.O proud of the fact that they haven’t left the island in 25 years.  Oy Vey!  There’s a big world out there, folks!  Have you no curiosity?
Enough ranting for one morning.  So let me leave you with this thought from Auntie Mame:  “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!”  Now, where did I leave that hat?

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  1. truhand Says:

    You go girl! I’m with you. Every time they start talking about getting rid of all their clothes all I can think: Now that would be a good opportunity to buy/make more. I’ve spread to two closets and poor Steve barely has one teeny tiny one. But I am still planning more clothing. Black is fine but I like to add a bit of orange and/or magenta to spice it up.

    Hope you are keeping warm and busy. I look forward to seeing your next Bernina entry.

    My “book” quilt gets installed the second week in February and I am busy trying to finish pieces that have been up on my design wall for way too long and CQFA (Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Artists) has me doing a journal quilt every month, a new adventure for me. I have my basic designs laid out for your “green” box and am building the courage to actually get down to work on it.

    Well I took the opportunity of a respite while I waited for my boss to get out of a meeting and sign some letters to write this and now I better get back to work.

    Keep on blogging….its fun isn’t it. Oy trying to keep up with the young uns gets harder every day.


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